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Month: March 2018

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Source Code Analysis testing technique Using SonarQube

Source code analysis is also a software testing technique that can be used to scrutinize all code paths and data flows that a program will execute; It can be either static or dynamic. In static analysis, debugging is done by examining the code without actually executing the program. This can reveal errors, security vulnerabilities, poorly…
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Code coverage analysis in software testing

Code coverage analysis in software testing. What is it? To measure what percentage of code or how many lines of code has been exercised by a test suite. This can be measured using following formula: Code coverage = (Number of lines of code exercised)/(Total Number of lines of code) * 100 How it helps? Helps…
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API tests automation – Why it is important

Why API tests automation should be considered over GUI test automation? * Automating API tests takes less time to develop and helps team to achieve testing in the speed of agile. * Automated API tests executes faster than GUI tests and helps team to get results quickly. * Well defined automated API tests are easy…
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Selenium headless mode tests on Chrome and Firefox

In this short article lets experiment on how users can run Selenium headless tests on Chrome and Firefox browser headless mode. Before Selenium headless browser usage, user should know browser options that Selenium provides. Below is brief introduction. Options in Chrome and Firefox browser provides mechanism that we can use to customize and configure a…
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