Month: January 2019

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Python Selenium all mouse actions using ActionChains

In this article, we are going to see all mouse actions available and supported by Python Selenium WebDriver as ActionChains object. As discussed in our previous article, there might be many scenarios where we need to use mouse actions in automation testing. Some common uses case are given below. Mouse over on a menu item…
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TestNG Annotations 101

This article explains basics of all TestNG annotations, provides examples for each annotation, explains each TestNG annotation in more detail along with its attributes, and provides tips and tricks for efficient usage. A Brief Introduction to Annotations Annotations are used to provide additional information (Metadata) about a program; To be specific it provides additional information…
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How to debug tests running on Docker containers

Our previous article Selenium Docker: Parallel execution made easy explains how to execute selenium tests in Docker. Important point to note and understand – the test scripts are running in local machine or invoked from local machine. docker container provides only the browser The setup explained is good for production. However during development of test…
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