How to increase ROI with Automation Testing

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How to increase ROI with Automation Testing

How does Automation Testing helps us to increase ROI?

What are the facts that can help the business to reduce the cost of operations and improve the ROI?

Let’s look at the top 7 factors of Automation Testing which will help us to achieve the above facts.

  1. Consumable Test Results
    Test results should be consumable easily and quickly.  Testers should be able to consume the results quickly to report the issue. Developers should be able to consume the results quickly to find out a root cause. Test results should have the ability to point out problems within small functional components and bigger use cases.
  2. Atomic Tests and Test Data
    A test needs to be independent and repeatable.  Tests should create and delete their own data, should not rely on a specific state in the database or other services, should be executable in any environment without setting up data manually.
  3. Feedback time
    How long does it take to get test results? Key stakeholders should get test results as early as possible to decide the future course of action. There are many ways to reduce the feedback time like test pyramid implementation which reduces UI tests and increases API tests
  4. Test Environments
    Any other activities by a team or individual members should not affect automation tests running environment. There should be independent environments for automation testing and other activities.
  5. Standalone execution and CI/CT
    Tests should be executable on the local machine. Finding out issues within small changes is easier than doing it after integration.  Tests should be executable in local as well as CI/CT environment.
  6. Timing of automation development
    Test automation should be part of the development of a project from start. Automation investment should not start once the manual testing effort was getting too slow and expensive. Instead, it should start from the beginning.
  7. Type of Tests
    Automation tests should not focus on excessive UI tests to get enough coverage.  UI tests are time to consume. Hence tests should focus more on service level than UI level. This will help us improve the feedback time.

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