Why this blog?

The Blog To Learn Selenium and Test Automation

Why this blog?


Welcome to All Selenium blog.

My name is Arunkumar and I hold Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science and Engineering major.

I have 8+ years of industry experience in Test Automation, worked for e-commerce, insurance projects and currently working for Network Devices Management project. Developed around 6 automation frameworks in the course of 6 years to satisfy different needs and have improvised many frameworks on request.

Recently when I worked with team to set up a python test automation framework, they struggled a lot to catch up Python Selenium since the informations are scattered and team has to spend lot of time in searching suitable references.

Idea of this blog is born to help people to learn test scripting languages, including selenium, and test automation with ease. Please help me understand whether this blog is helpful by sending your valuable feedback to feedback@allselenium.blog

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